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About Us

The Ob/Gyn Alliance was founded in 2007 by Dr. Andrea Lukes to address the dynamic challenges faced by Ob/Gyns and their patients.

The Ob/Gyn Alliance is a peer-to-peer network of large Ob/Gyn community practices throughout the US who have a common goal of improving healthcare for women and enhancing practices through the following areas of focus:

Primary care knowledge

  • 67% of women regard Ob/Gyns as their primary care physician

Information and training on best practices and new procedures/devices

  • Physicians need to operate more efficiently given reimbursement, professional liability issues, etc.
  • Physicians need a way to learn and share best practices and new procedures/devices to continue to improve patient  care

Access to research information and scientific developments

  • Most physicians and patients are unaware of ongoing clinical trials
  • Many physicians would like to understand what is required to begin a clinical trial

The Ob/Gyn Alliance is governed by its  Chair, Andrea Lukes, and the Advisory Board, comprised of the nation’s leading physicians from the Ob/Gyn and Primary Care specialties.

Please visit the contact us if you have any questions about the organization or the website.

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